Adriana Zoppo

Adriana Zoppo performs on violin, viola, baroque violin, baroque viola, and the unusual and rarely heard viola d’amore. In addition to performing in the string sections of symphonies and numerous other large and small ensembles in the Southern California area, Adriana appears frequently on the Glendale Noon Concerts series, where she is Director of its early music sub-series. She also plays for film, television, video games, solo artist recordings, Broadway musicals, and live shows encompassing musical styles from classical to jazz at the Hollywood Bowl, Disney Hall, the Greek Theater, Dolby Theater, Ahmanson Theater and other major venues in the area. More...

Ergo Musica

Ergo Musica was conceived by Adriana Zoppo in 2008 as a series of concerts featuring the viola d’amore, but is now the presenter of concerts of various types including those using period instruments. Concert programs to the public began in 2011 and continue to the present 2020.

The Viola d'Amore

                                The viola d’amore is a string instrument most popular in 17th &                                     18th century Europe, though compositions were written for it                                         into the 1900s. It resembles the violin and viol family of stringed instruments, sharing characteristics with both. Like the violin, it is held up by the arm to play and does not use frets on the fingerboard, its sizes closely resembling those of the viola. It has a flat back, like the viol, and similarly, 6-7 strings. However, the viola d’amore has an equal number of sympathetically vibrating strings that give it unique silvery overtones. It often has the carved head of a blindfolded cupid (“amore”) instead of a scroll.