Frederic Rawson

Frederic Rawson won the only Prize for Best Original Music Score given at the International "Sens Short Film Festival" (France) for composing the music score for a silent short film called : « Les Vagabonds »

Frederic, also composed and produced the music score for: “Anissa”, directed by C. Garfin and “Drifting Mind”...


Frederic Rawson plays keyboards, Guitar, Drums and percussion. Frederic as a synthesizer programmer has had the privilege to work with many famous French artists. Frederic also perfomed at the mythic “Olympia” in Paris, The “Zenith” also in Paris, and at the famous “Festival de Jazz de Montreux” with Sebastian Santa-Maria.


Frederic Rawson was also in charge of the biggest Synclavier System in Europe in the 90's (9600 full options. DTD recording) and worked with famous director-designers Jean-Paul Goude and Jean-Baptiste Mondino.


One of Frederic Rawson’s music project: "Mystery of Creation" was Endorsed by the famous grand couturier

Pierre Cardin...