21 Favorite French

Nursery Songs

Frédéric sings the most famous French traditional nursery rhymes for the delight of the youngest and their parents… Minimalist arrangement, acoustic guitar and vocal only.

Famous French Nursery Songs

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Sing along or use this playlist for your kids to learn Famous French Nursery Songs or Enjoy just listening!

Music Box

Famous Classical Melodies

Discover this gentle music box sound, and Enjoy Famous Classical Melodies like Fur Elise (Beethoven), Lullaby (Brahms), Turkish Rondo (Mozart) and much more. 

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Traditional and Classical Melodies from America, England, France, Central and Latin America. The crystal clear sound of of a real music box especially arranged and recorder for Sweet Little Ears...

Be Relaxed & Inspired

with the

Music for Studying collection

Listen to this music while you or your kids are studying or doing art activities. Create a peaceful environment conducive to creation and concentration. 

The Magical Flute

More of the Music for Studying Collection

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