The Dauffenbach Universal Method for piano

Develops inventiveness and creativity

Assist or teach your children

Because the Dauffenbach Universal Method for Piano is so easy to understand, you can assist or even teach your children yourself (Preparatory & Level 1, No special knowledge in music is required). If you prefer, you can also hire a piano teacher and ask her/him to use The Dauffenbach Universal Method for Piano. 

This method uses colors as a tool. It turns music into a game and makes music easy and friendly for anyone. It was tested and approved by many students for more than five decades.

The Dauffenbach Universal Method for piano is especially made for beginners. Young children can start at 4 1/2, 5 years old (Preparatory Level)  but older beginners can start at 6, 7, 8, etc... any age, skipping the preparatory level and starting with Level 1.


The goal of the Universal Method is to simplify the music score as much as possible by using colors, so Music looks friendly, easy and accessible to anyone

The Dauffenbach Universal Method for Piano comes with a

"Teacher's Manual" A step by step manual very easy to follow

Preparatory Level

For Beginners starting at 41/2, 5 years old.

Lessons, Songs, Activities.

Level 1 For Beginners ANY AGE starting at 6, 7, 8, 9 etc. years old, or improving Preparatory Level.

"My oldest beginner student is 91 years old." FM

Lessons, Songs, Activities.

Level 2

Must be completed after Level 1.

Lessons, Songs, Activities.


BUY the 3 books

Preparatory Level, Level 1, Level 2

Average 1 Year of Lessons, Songs, Activities.

$45.85 + tax. Free Shipping.

BUY the 2 books

Level 1, Level 2

Average 1 School Year of Lessons, Songs, Activities.

$32.25 + tax. Free Shipping.


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